HL Pharma Distribution are distributors with a difference.          We provide Australians with the most creative, innovative and exciting natural products available across the world.

About HL Pharma Distribution

HL Pharma Distribution, a subsidiary of HL Pharma (Pty) Ltd was established in 2016 to bring leading edge & natural health products, which have already been proven and successful in international markets to our Australian wholesale and retail partners. 

We specialise in sourcing & distributing first to market, innovative, unique, beautifully packaged and presented product, providing a new & fresh approach to categories with growing consumer demand.

We represent overseas brands manufactured by companies with strong ethical, social, environmental values & manufacturing processes. 


Nano-b Antibacterial Toothbrush with Travel Case

Nano-b Antibacterial Toothbrush, stylish & innoative, providing the ultimate in oral care.

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Nano-b Organic Mint Toothpaste (ACO) 75ml

Nano-b Organic Mint Toothpaste, 100% natural, 95+% ACO and Made in Australia.  

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BrushOn SPF30 Sunscreen - TGA approved

BrushOn SPF is a broad spectrum SPF30 sunscreen. 

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Being part of HL Pharma provides your business access to the most exciting new healthcare products available in the market today.

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HL Pharma Distribution is part of HL Pharma, a specialist pharmaceutical wholesaler.