HL Pharma - Exclusive distributor for MoZZipatch

HL Pharma announces an exclusivity agreement with British company, Global Brand Supplies Ltd  to distribute MoZZipatch™ across Austrailiasia.  Although new product to Australia, MoZZipatch has proven international success in US, India and Euorpe.  Throughout the UK, MoZZipatch is sold nationally via national retaillers such as: Tesco, Sainsburys, Aldi, Robert Dyers, Mothercare, Amazon & WH Smith.  

MoZZipatch is innovative, conveniently packaged and easy to use.  Providing consumers (including young babies & toddlers) a natural & effective alternative to toxic, mainstream repellents available today.  It's the only patch available using PMD (Para menthane 3,8 diol) an approved active ingredient as opposed to citronella and much better than DEET.  PMD is approved by US FDA, European Union & Public Health England.   



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