MoZZipatch - Self Adhesive Patch - spatial repellent

Using advanced technology, MoZZipatch is made from microscopic fibres, electrospun together to create a self-adhesive patch which slowly releases it's active ingredient Citrepel®75 over 8 hours.  Citrepel® 75 is derived from oil of lemon eucalyptus, a natural repellent compound approved by Public Health England, NHS and US Centre for Disease Control as an effective mosquito repellent.  Citrepel®75 is also known as PMD which has been clinically proven to provide a natural & effective shield against mosquitos.  PMD is also recognised worldwide to be as effective as DEET. Today MoZZipatch™ is the only mosquito patch which contains PMD.

The technology behind MoZZipatch™ ensures max. dose of Citrepel®75 is impregnated into each patch. The active ingredient is released slowly creating an invisible shield repealling mosquitos away from you. 

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MoZZipatch™ USP

100% Natural, Non-toxic, Citronella & DEET free,  No sticky lotion or spray - to carry or reapply. Provides 8hrs of protection per patch. 12 patches per pack. Easy to use.  Conveniently packaged; pop into handbags, pockets or flight hand luggage.  MoZZipatch™ is humidity, rain and sweat proof meaning it is effective whilst playing sport or taking part in outdoor pursuits. Competitively priced. Not 

Fun fact, Did you know, sunscreen efficiency is comprimised by upto 40% when used in conjunction with traditional mosquito (lotions or spray-on)repellent.  Another excellent benefit of using MoZZipatch solution. 

MoZZipatch is fast becoming the go-to mosquito repellent brand for helping protect against mosquitoes.  MoZZipatch is stocked in supermarkets, pharmacies, hotels, and resorts, department stores, duty free, on-board airlines and in outdoor pursuits stores worldwide.  Sold throughout UK via multi-national retailers: WH Smiths, Aldi, Tesco, Morrisons, Mothercare, Amazon, Robert Dyers etc.



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