Physicool Cooling Mist

A natural alternative to HRT! 

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Physicool Rapid Relief Bandage

Displacing requirement of ice to reduce pain & inflammation following injury. 

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Nano-b Antibacterial Toothbrush with Travel Case

Stylish & innoative, providing a one-stop shop in oral care.

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Nano-b Organic Mint Toothpaste (ACO) 75ml

Packed with all the good stuff & non of the bad! 100% natural, ACO and Made in Australia.  

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BrushOn SPF30 Sunscreen - TGA approved

BrushOn SPF a broad spectrum SPF30 natural sunscreen. 

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MoZZipatch - Self Adhesive Patch - spatial repellent

MoZZipatch™ patent pending, non-toxic & 100% natural.  An innovative way to repel mosquitoes. It does not require any application to skin therefore, providing mosquito protection for everyone, including newborns and young children. Perfect for children at play, holidays, trekking, camping & outdoor sports.  Developed by Global Brands Supply Ltd, a British company. Does not contain Citronella.

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Ortho-Rub Oil - Natural Pain Relief

Ortho-Rub is 100% natural pain relief made from pure essential oils of peppermint & orange. Displaces the requirement to use pharma product. Excellent for joint, sports, muscular, inflammatory pain & Gout. Made in Australia and TGA approved. Packaged in premium 50ml pump pack. A perfect companion for travel - throw in handbags/sport or travel bag. 

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